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The “B” in Boise is for Blessing

As I reflect on the time this past week I spent with my brother (@ElJuanG) in town, I can’t help but think how great it was for someone else other than me to see how blessed we are in this great city. So with this modern world of social media and blogging, I thought I would take the opportunity via this blog to share some of the great things I have been blessed with since the day I stepped foot in Boise Idaho. First though, to get you guys hooked, I will share a quick story about the first impression I made to the scout from Boise State that ultimately helped me (with Gods help) make the greatest decision in my life. I was on the phone with Coach Lawler talking about the possibility of taking an official visit to Boise State, we talked back and forth about what a great city Boise was, and how great of a football program Coach Hawk was building and all the other typical recruiting talk, I found myself thinking this place sounds great I should definitely take this trip and see how it is, but then without thinking I let out a statement that I would later regret “Coach Boise State football and the city of Boise sound great, but i don’t think the east coast is where i wanna play football, it would be tough to have my family come watch games” LOL yes that was me not knowing that Idaho was in the Northwest not next to New York or Maine, luckily coach Lawler didn’t laugh and hang up the phone but quickly replied “well that’s great Alex because Boise is in the Northwest about a 12 hour drive from souther California”. I was embarrassed! No way did i think after that clueless moment that they would want to offer me a scholarship. Luckily it worked out and everything coach Lawler said about the city and the BSU football program was true. As a matter a fact, it is kind of scary how right coach Lawler was about this place, how could he have guessed that not only would i personally be embraced by this great city but also that BSU football would be taking great leaps as a program and would be in the talk with the Elite programs in the country. Ill keep it short and sweet as since my hands are almost cramping as this is probably the longest I have typed since I graduated in 2009. This city has been an unreal blessing.Ill be selfish for a bit and talk about why I personally love this place, off the top of my head I am going to list some of the dreams that this city has made come true for me.

  1. Scholarship to play @ Division 1 program and earn a College Degree! (my mom still has the hand written homework assignment that I wrote in high school, the assignment was “what I dreamed of accomplishing in 10 years”, unbelievable how setting goals can provide motivation)
  2. Play on National TV (espn, fox sports)
  3. #99 Nike Jersey  released for sale
  4. Opportunity to showcase my skills and play professional football (NFL,NFLE,CFL,AFL)
  5. The Alex Guerrero Bobble Head (even though Jackson’s food stores made money off of it and I saw nothing, still an honor)
  6. countless autograph sessions and “Celebrity” appearances (there go those sarcastic quotation marks again lol)
  7. Opportunity to start a business and share my blessings with others
  8. A ridiculous amount of relationships (including one truly special one)
Looking over this list I have to pinch myself and ask “Is this real life” like the kid in the youtube video (if you are the one and only person that hasn’t seen it since it has 99 million hits heres a link I can’t thank God and everyone enough who guided me in the direction of this city. I look forward to all the great things that I will be able to share with the people who are NEXT (shout out to Pastor Paul @ThePursuit for the inspiration today) to be touched by this city and all of its blessings!
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